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Karma Chameleon (Tomcat Jones, #3) Willa Okati

Karma Chameleon (Tomcat Jones, #3)

Willa Okati

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Genre: LGBT Shape-shifter ParanormalSeries: A Tomcat Jones story- Previous Book: Buddy HolidayArden doesnt usually take life that seriously. Why should he? Hes got good if weird shape-shifting-inclined friends and hes grooving the mother of all extended hookups with Shavey, the only man Ardens ever met who gives as good as he gets and takes as vigorously as he receives -- and thats just in bed. Hes living the sweet life, right?Arden freely admits hes a pain in the ass. Hes lewd, crude, shameless, and very nearly a nymphomaniac. Sure, hes got some good qualities, but thats never before been enough for someone he loved to stick around. Though he loves Shavey and wishes he could be the kind of long-term lover Shavey wants, Arden cant pretend to be something hes not.The only place that leaves him is waiting for that other shoe to drop--drop-kick him out the door, that is. Though Shavey promises otherwise, Ardens heard that song and dance before. Hes not buying it.But thats all before Arden needs Shaveys help breaking a chameleonic shapeshifting curse. In return, there are a few things big bad bear Shavey would like to ask for -- and intends to prove to Arden -- in return.Publishers Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices.