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Love You To Death R.D. Mack

Love You To Death

R.D. Mack

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Carl Dawson is a serial killer. Lately, something has been missing. The thrill of the kill has gone.One evening he does something stupid. He attacks without a plan and it all goes horribly wrong. In his panic to escape capture he runs out into the road and is hit by a truck.What happens to a serial killer when he loses his memory.When Carl awakes to the beautiful face of Susie Brown, the nurse and Angel who he believes saved him that night, he is totally smitten.Carl tries to win Susie but she is drawn to Detective Ben Guyer, the man investigating the killing of a young girl on the night of the traffic accident.As his night terrors and emerging memories send Carl into the downward spiral, Susie and Ben become close.Who is Carl Dawson? Is he still the monster or can the man that he now wants to be save his soul?If you enjoy this book please leave a review and take a look at - If The Shoe Fits - Rita Ames (A Hot Explosive romance with plenty of twists)